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OnderzoekCentre for East Asian Studies Groningen

GSG/ CEASG-reception to welcome Osaka University European Center for Academic Initiatives

Wanneer:ma 08-09-2014
Waar:Harmonie 1315.0206

GSG / CEASG welcomes Osaka University European Center for Acadmic Initiatives as its new neighbour at GSG corridor of the Harmonie Building with an informal reception at the GSG corridor Harmonie Building 1315 0206 on 8 September 17:00-18:00.

All welcome.

The Center, formely the Osaka University of Groningen Center for Eduation and Research, moved from the Zernike campus of the University of Groningen to join a number of East Asia related projects and programmes at the Harmonie Building.

Osaka University currently operates four overseas centres:

- North American Center for Academic Initiatives (San Francisco)

- ASEAN Center for Academic Initiatives (Bangkok)

- East Asian Center for Academic Initiatives (Shanghai)

- Osaka University European Center for Acadmic Initiatives (Groningen)

Mission statement: "The four centers will further enhance overseas activities such as increased support for outgoing students and the recruitment of excellent overseas students. The centers will disseminate information regarding the University’s world-class research activities as well as promote Osaka University’s charm to the rest of the world."

Osaka University
Osaka University