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Research Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen Blogs and Postcards

The Height of Summer at PNU!

Sona Kim

A majority of people have already heard about Seoul which is the capital city of South Korea. Even though Seoul is the most well-known city, Busan is definitely a city to visit when you go to South Korea!

Thanks to the cooperation between the Centre for the East Asian Studies Groningen (CEASG) and the Pusan National University (PNU), I was lucky enough to spend my summer in PNU in Busan.

When I arrived at the Gimpo International Airport in Busan, the weather was burning hot. The staff and the buddies from the PNU picked me up and we took the taxi to the campus. When I arrived in the dorm, I was surprised because the student dorm we stayed were on top of the hill. I was not sure how I will climb this hill every day during the three weeks of summer school. Despite the insanely hot weather and the everyday exercise of climbing, the three weeks of the summer school went so fast.

All the classes and field trips were very interactive and interesting. I got in touch with both of the historical and modern culture of Korea such as Taekwondo, Korean traditional instrument, K-pop dance, Korean cooking class, and so many other Korean cultures. Learning Korean culture from the instructors who love and are proud of their own culture made my experience even more special and memorable.

The atmosphere of the Summer School was very casual and fresh since it was student driven and the staffs and the buddies were very approachable. They helped us to get to know nice restaurants, bars and where to hang out around Busan. After the class, we went to Karaoke, ate spicy Korean food, such as chicken feet, and drunk Korean rice wine (Makgeolli)! I really appreciate their effort to make our stay very special and memorable. The summer school was full of adventure and fun. I totally recommend this programme and studying at PNU!!

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