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NAHSS experience by Merthe Weusthuis

What has positively surprised me the most about the NAHSS so far are the people. The type of person you find at the NAHSS is just different from the average student that you are used to. NAHSS’ers are selected based on their intelligence, dedication, drive, interests, and social capability – and it shows.

I spent a while trying to find out how I could connect with people that are likeminded, but I can tell you: they are pretty hard to find. What struck me here is that everyone is so knowledgeable, so intelligent, dedicated to what they like doing, but also really fun to hang out with. I’ve had, and listened to, some of the best conversations of my life. It’s inspiring and it’s fun to be able to share things with others that you’re sometimes not able to share with friends at home.

Also the fact that everyone comes from a different study background makes things more interesting, as you’ll find yourself with a great diversity of students. For me the people are really one of the things that made my NAHSS experience so good.

Something else that makes the NAHSS, and China, so good, is the nature. Chengdu is located in Sichuan province, almost exactly in the middle of the country, and there’s a lot to see here. Tibet is very close (we’ll go there for 3 days hiking this weekend), but there’s also the city of Chongqing close by, which is a super nice city, there’s panda’s, there’s mountains, and there’s Jiuzhaigou, where we went last weeknd. Jiuzhaigou is a natural park on Unesco’s world heritage list. We went there on Friday (10-hour bus ride, not so fun), spent the entire Saturday in the park and went back on Sunday.

NAHSS Chengdu at dinner with Consulate General in Chongqing
NAHSS Chengdu at dinner with Consulate General in Chongqing
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