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NAHSS experience by Gaibar Hasami in Hong Kong and Shanghai

In the summer of 2017 I have had the privilege to participate in the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summerschool (NAHSS). As part of this programme, I followed a summer school at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and conducted a consultancy project for a major Dutch bank. Additionally, we visited Dutch banks and multinationals in Hong Kong. We concluded this programme with a culture- and business week in Shanghai. The NAHSS is a very comprehensive programme as it gave me a unique insight into many aspects of Asia such as its culture, its people and its economy.

Hong Kong is an endlessly fascinating city that will never bore you. The city is the product of a cultural fusion between the East and the West. One can still clearly distinguish the influences that the British brought to Hong Kong during their 156 years of colonial rule. Hong Kong for instance, retained its capitalistic economic system after its unification with mainland China in 1997. Also, horse racing is the most popular sports among the Cantonese people since the British have introduced it 150 years ago.

From an economic perspective, Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most popular cities for international business because it is surrounded by Asia’s high-growth economies such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam. This in combination with its economic capitalistic system make Hong Kong a springboard to the broader Asian market, especially for western businesses. Because the Asian economies are still growing and expected to do so in future, Hong Kong provides many opportunities for students with international ambitions. Therefore, I recommend my fellow students not to overlook the possibilities and opportunities that Asia has to offer.

Gaibar Hasami
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