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Physical Transport Phenomena 1

Subjects covered: mass, energy and momentum balances, transport coefficients, dimension analysis, drag forces, stationary and nonstationary heat conductivity, convective heat transport, radiative heat transport, diffusion, mass transport coefficients, laminar and turbulent flows

Physical Transport Phenomena 2

Subjects covered: fluid kinematics, body and surface forces, stress tensor, surface tension, fluid statics, integral conservation equations, constitutive equations, differential conservation equations, similarity and dimensional analysis, boundary layer theory, concept of transport coefficients, transport phenomena in interfaces.

Experimental Methods in Trace Gas Research

Subjects covered: basic concepts of optical diagnostics, direct absorption, laser induced fluorescence, cavity ringdown spectroscopy, fourier-transform spectroscopy, particle diagnostics Principles of Measurement Systems Subjects covered: generalized measurement systems, static characteristics of measurement systems, accuracy of measurement systems, dynamic characteristics of measurement systems, loading effects, 2-port networks, signal and noise, sensing elements, signal conditioning elements, signal processing elements.

Combustion, flames and explosions

Subjects covered: types of flames, basic chemical mechanisms in combustion, pollutant formation mechanisms, thermodynamics in combustion, physical and chemical kinetics, introductory aspects of turbulence in non-premixed and premixed flames, combustion of liquids and solids, explosions.
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