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Two Veni-awards 2017: Jorrig Vogels and Saskia Peels

16 January 2018

Dr. J. (Jorrig) Vogels (Neurolinguistics and Language Development)

Are people egocentric when they talk?
This research addresses the question whether people take the perspective of the listener into account when they talk. By studying choices in language use (do I say ‘the girl’ or ‘she’, for example), researchers try to figure out when people speak in an egocentric way and when they do not.

Dr. S. (Saskia) Peels (Theoretical and Empirical Linguistics)

Polytheism as language. A linguistic approach to divine plurality in the religious experience of Greek worshippers
The ancient Greeks knew a plurality of gods (polytheism), who helped them in all aspects of life. But what image did they have of these often complex gods? And why did a Greek sometimes turn to one god, and at other times to another? A linguistically inspired method helps us.

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