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Two Data Science project grants for CLCG researchers

07 december 2017

Automatic recognition of Frisian speakers: using computers to discriminate the Frisian accent and voice
Dr. M.B. Wieling, Dr. N.H. Hilton, Faculteit der Letteren, Computationele semantiek / Friese Taal en Letterkunde

In this project, the effect of a language is studied on the basis of the recognition of a Frisian accent in the voice, both when speaking the first language Frisian and the second language Dutch. The recognition of the Frisian accent happens by means of audio analysis and various machine learning algorithms.

Automatic Processing of Eye Tracking Movies
Dr. J.C. van Rij-Tange, Faculteit der Letteren, Semantiek en Cognietieprof.dr. J. Järvikivi, University of Alberta, Department of Linguistics

With the help of eye-tracking glasses, the pupil monitors how language aquisition develops in young children. The annotation of the recordings of the eye tracking glasses is done manually, but can be accelerated by applying image recognition techniques and speech recognition.

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