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Research Center for Language and Cognition

Questions wanted for language game!

23 November 2021

The Speech Lab Groningen is in the process of developing a board game about dialects (in the Netherlands and Flanders), language and linguistics. Through this game, we would like to get the people to know (in a nice way) more about dialect variation, language and linguistics. Eventually, we would like to end up with a high-quality board game suitable to be sold at gameshops, such as Wirwar.

For this, we need your help! Specifically, we are looking for a large number of questions about language and linguistics that the players of the game have to answer or perform. The players play as representatives of dialect groups in the Netherlands and Flanders and have to ensure that their dialect is spoken in as many areas as possible.

By correctly answering questions, the players can "win" areas and expand their dialect territory.

We invite you to help us think of questions and tasks for the game by filling out this survey:

Note that the game will be in Dutch, but we can translate your contribution accordingly.

You can enter as many questions as you like. Your contribution will of course be acknowledged in the game's colophon. The person with the most contributions of their own will get a free board game!

Thanks in advance!

Raoul Buurke, Hedwig Sekeres, Teja Rebernik, Lourens Visser & Martijn Wieling

Last modified:23 November 2021 10.59 a.m.

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