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About us Faculty of Science and Engineering Research Centre for Synthetic Biology


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Prof. Dr. R.A.L. Bovenberg

Synthetic biology, cell engineering, production of antibiotics, biochemicals
Dr. W.R. Browne

Chemical systems and interfaces
Prof. Dr. L. Dijkhuizen Metabolic engineering, carbohydrate engineering, primary and secondary metabolism
Prof. Dr. A.J.M. Driessen

Membrane biology, protein secretion, semi-synthetic antibiotics, nanomotors, Archaea
Prof. Dr. B.L. Feringa

Synthesis, Catalysis and Systems Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Ir. M.W. Fraaije

Biocatalysis, semi-synthetic catalysis, protein engineering
Prof. Dr. Ir. E. van der Giessen

Micromechanics of materials

Prof. Dr. M. Heinemann

Molecular systems biology, single cell analysis

Prof. Dr. A. Herrmann

DNA hybrid materials, supercharged proteins, polymer chemistry
Prof. Dr. D.B. Janssen

Biotransformation of synthetic compounds, enzyme engineering, semi-synthetic catalysis
Prof. Dr. I.J. van der Klei

Organelles in yeast and filamentous fungi, antibiotics production
Prof. Dr. J. Knoester

Physics of condensed matter
Prof. Dr. J. Kok

Comparative genomics, transcriptomics, genetic engineering of lactic acid bacteria
Prof. Dr. O.P. Kuipers

Cell engineering, single cell analysis, genetic circuitries, antimicrobials, G+ bacteria
Prof. Dr. S.J. Marrink

Molecular dynamics, atomistic and coarse-grained simulations
Prof. Dr. A.J. Minnaard

Bioorganic chemistry, asymmetric catalysis
Prof. Dr. A.M. van Oijen Single-molecule mechanics, DNA replication, membrane fusion
Dr. S. Otto

Systems chemistry
Prof. Dr. B. Poolman Membrane enzymology, protein production & proteomics, synthetic membrane systems
Dr. G. Roelfes

Biomolecular Chemistry, DNA-based (catalytic) systems
Prof. Dr. P. Rudolf

Surfaces and thin films
Dr. D.-J. Scheffers Cell division, antibiotics discovery
Prof. Dr. D.J. Slotboom Membrane protein structure/function
Dr. L.M. Veenhoff Nuclear pore complex function
Dr. J-W. Veening Single cell analysis, bistability and epigenetics

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