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About us Faculty of Science and Engineering Research Centre for Synthetic Biology Research


The research within the Centre for Synthetic Biology includes the design and construction of cellular (in vivo) and biohybrid (in vitro) systems.

Cellular systems . The cell-based engineering involves the production of bioactive molecules such as antibiotics and lantibiotics, using fungi and bacteria as cell factories. There are major efforts in biotransformation of synthetic compounds, and engineering of carbohydrate metabolism. Unique expertise is available and toolboxes have been developed for the in vivo production and quality control of proteins in bacteria.

Biohybrid systems . The design and synthesis of novel bio-inspired catalysts, sensing devices and vesicular systems has its roots in the Zernike Institute. There is major expertise in homogeneous, biomimetic and biocatalysis, which is crucial to develop the future (auto-)catalytic kinetically-driven processes and key to sustain the synthesis of complex molecular systems. Interfacing between biomolecules and surfaces is another important topic. The physical analysis of bio-inspired systems includes state-of-the-art microscopic and spectroscopic methods, as well as expertise to characterize charge transport.

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