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Ancient History

O.M. van Nijf

Onno van Nijf , Professor of Ancient History

Expertise: History of the Greek city in the post-classical world: social and economic aspects, political culture; religious festivals and athletics; Greek epigraphy

Projects: Political culture, religion and identity in the Hellenistic and Roman periods; The Greek City after the Classical Age International Research network; Connected Contests

J.W. Drijvers

Jan Willem Drijvers , Associate Professor in Ancient History

Expertise: Late Antiquity, Culture of leadership in the late Roman Empire, Christianization of the Roman Empire, Late-antique historiography (Ammianus Marcellinus)

Projects: Philological and Historical Commentaries on Ammianus Marcellinus (together with J. den Boeft, D. den Hengst, H.C. Teitler)

W. Jongman

Wim Jongman , Associate Professor in Economic and Social History

Expertise: Roman economic and social history

Jeremia Pelgrom

Jeremia Pelgrom , Associate Professor of Ancient History

Expertise : Roman Imperialism, Hellenistic Italy, Mediterranean archaeology, landscape archaeology

C. Williamson

Christina Williamson , Assistant Professor in Ancient History

Expertise: Hellenistic period, Asia Minor, sanctuaries, ancient architecture, urbanism, GIS

Project: Connected Contests



Sofia Voutsaki , Professor of Greek Archaeology

Expertise: Aegean prehistory (specialisation: Greek mainland in the Bronze Age); Classical archaeology; integration of archaeological methods and scientific techniques; archaeological theory (mortuary theory, gender archaeology, household archaeology; analysis of imagery); history of Greek archaeology and the ideological use of the past in modern times.

Projects: NWO VIDI Project Shifting Identities: Social Change and Cultural Interaction in the Middle Helladic Argolid, 2100-1700 BC (MH Argolid Project); Argos Tumuli Project; Excavation of prehistoric cemetery at Ayios Vasilios, Sparta

De Jong

Lidewijde de Jong , University lecturer Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology, director of CRASIS

Expertise: Ancient imperialism from the perspective of local communities; funerary practices in the Roman Near East; the impact of Seleucid and Early Islamic rule on settlement patterns in North Mesopotamia; theories of acculturation (Romanization and Hellenization); the history of Classical archaeology; the Hellenistic Near East, mortuary practices, and Islamic Archaeology.

Projects: funerary practices in the Roman province of Syria, and the impact of the incorporation of the region into the Roman empire between the 1st century BCE and the 4th century CE on local traditions.

P. Attema

Peter Attema , Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology

Expertise: Landscape and Survey Archaeology in the Mediterranean World, p rotohistory of Italy, early urbanization and Greek and Roman colonization in Italy, s urvey and excavation in Lazio, Central Italy (Pontine Region Project), s urvey in Calabria, South Italy (Raganello Archaeological Project), p ottery studies

Projects: Crustumerium Project (2006-2010): international excavation project of a Latin proto-urban settlement in central Italy; Raganello Archaeological Project (2003-2008): regional survey project in northern Calabria (Italy), Pontine Region Project: long-term regional survey and excavation project in south Lazio (Italy)

A.J. Nijboer

Albert Nijboer , Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Archaeology

Expertise: Mediterranean Archaeology, especially the developments in Italy from the Late Bronze Age into the 5th century BC; Chronology; Fieldwork, excavations in Latium Vetus, Italy

Rocco Palermo

Rocco Palermo , Researcher and VENI Grant Recipient

Expertise: Archaeology of the Hellenistic and Roman Near East; Landscape Archaeology; Seleucid Empire; Ancient Empires; Pottery Studies

Classical Studies

A. Harder

Annette Harder, Professor of Ancient Greek Language and Literature

Expertise: Hellenistic poetry; Callimachus; Greek Tragedy; literary papyri; mythographic papyri

Projects: Edition of Callimachus’ Aetia with introduction and commentary

Michiel van der Keur

Michiel van der Keur , Assistant Professor of Latin

Expertise : intertextuality, narrative structure, literary techniques in general, genre crossing, reception

J. Klooster

Jacqueline Klooster , Assistant Professor

Expertise : Hellenistic poetry, ancient biography

Project : After the Civil Wars: Re-Anchoring and Innovation in Greek and Latin Literature

R.R. Nauta

Ruurd Nauta , Professor of Latin

Expertise: Latin literature of the late Republic and early Empire

Projects: Literature, Culture and Society in the Flavian Age                                                  

Saskia Peels

Saskia Peels-Matthey , Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek Linguistics

Expertise : Greek semantics, linguistics

Remco Regtuit

Remco Regtuit , Assistant Professor in Greek Language and Literature

Expertise: Greek Language and Literature, Aristophanes, scholia, textual criticism

Projects: On the text of Aristophanes; commentary on Plutus


Bettina Reitz-Joosse , Assistant Professor of Latin Language and Literature, board member of CRASIS, member of the Young Academy of Groningen.

Expertise: Latin literature of the Late Republic and Early Empire, text and material culture in the Roman world, Fascist Latin literature

Projects: Building in Words: Representations of the Process of Construction in Latin Literature; Fascist Latin (Latin texts written and published in Fascist Italy); Landscapes of War (on war commemoration in the Roman world, with a focus on ‘landscapes of war’ in Roman literature)

Jewish, Christian and Islamic Origins

Marjo Korpel

Marjo Korpel , Associate Professor Old Testament Studies

Expertise : Old Testament exegesis, Canaanite and Israelite religion, Ancient Hebrew epigraphy

F.L. Roig Lanzillotta

Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta , Professor in New Testament and Early Christian Studies

Expertise: Christian apocryphal literature; Gnosticism; influence of Greek philosophy on Early Christianity; religion and philosophy of Late Antiquity

Steve Mason

Steve Mason , Distinguished Professor of Ancient Mediterranean Religions and Cultures

Expertise: Eastern Roman Empire, Provincial administration, Hellenistic-Roman Judaea (society and life), Hasmonean Revolt and Rule, Jewish Wars against Rome, Judaean expatriate communities (Diaspora), works of Flavius Josephus, ancient historiography and rhetoric, Jewish-Christian (and -Roman) relations to the emperor Julian

Annette Merz

Annette Merz , Professor of New Testament

Expertise: Early Christianity, specifically literature and history in the context of the ancient world


Mladen Popovic, Professor of Old Testament and Early Judaism, with special attention for Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls; secretary to CRASIS

Expertise: Hebrew Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Judaism in the Graeco-Roman period, archaeology, Roman Judaea and the Jewish War against Rome, parabiblical literature, astrology and magic

Projects: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish War Against Rome (66-70 C.E.): New Sources, New Perspectives (NWO VENI)

Riemer Roukema

Riemer Roukema , Professor of Early Christianity

Expertise: reception and interpretation of the New Testament and the Bible in the first centuries of Christianity

Lieve Teugels

Lieve Teugels , Assistant Professor Jewish and Semitic Studies

Expertise: Hebrew Bible, rabbinic literature (especially midrash)

Project : "Parables and the Partings of the Ways", an NWO-project at Utrecht University.

Bärry Hartog

Bärry Hartog , Postdoctoral Researcher, CRASIS board-member

Expertise : Early Judaism and the Dead Sea Scrolls in Graeco-Roman context, textual scholarship and exegesis, construction and development of identity, intercultural contacts.

C. Wilde

Clare Wilde , Fellow in Islamic Origins

Expertise : Islamic Formative Period, Qur’anic Studies, Late Antique Studies, Church History

Projects : Did the Qur’an sound different to its first auditors than it does now?

Ancient Philosophy

Albert Joosse

Albert Joosse , Associate Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: ancient philosophy, educational thought, philosophical anthropology

History of Law

D. Penna

Daphne Penna, lecturer in Legal History

Expertise: Byzantine Law

Projects: Origins, forms, and transitions of Byzantine Legal Literature (a project of the Groningen department of Legal History in collaboration with the Legal History Departments of the Italian Universities of Palermo, Messina, Torino, Cagliari, Trento )

T. van Bochove

Tom van Bochove , researcher in Legal History

Expertise: Byzantine Law

Projects: Sources of Byzantine Law

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