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Religion and Cities

Convener: Julia Martínez-Ariño

Cities are becoming more and more religiously diverse. They are also the main site of religiously motivated disputes and contestations in the public sphere (take, for example, conflicts over the building of mosques in European cities, or debates over the wearing of religious dress in municipal buildings).

This research cluster investigates the presence and regulation of religion and religious diversity in cities. In particular, it focuses on urban processes of religious change, the expression of religiosity in the public space, the local governance of religion, and the ways in which the local regulation interacts with regional and national administration.

Our main aim is to explore the ways in which religion and religious diversity are contested and negotiated in urban public spaces. Although predominantly using a sociological perspective, the cluster also draws on approaches from neighbouring disciplines, such as geography, urban studies, religious studies, anthropology and migration studies. This cluster combines different methodological approaches to better capture the complex reality of the presence and regulation of religious diversity in cities.

Please contact the cluster convener for more information.

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