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Religion, Peace and Development

Conveners: Brenda Bartelink and Joram Tarusarira

This cluster focuses on two broad and complex themes: those of peace and development. It argues that sustainable peace and security are the prerequisites of sustainable development.

In the twenty-first century, religion has become an important factor in the fields of global development and international (peace and) security. Policy-makers and academics increasingly recognise religion as a factor in both local and regional conflicts and their resolution and transformation. In addition, humanitarianism and development have emerged as influential sites for the mediation of transnational relations between people, communities and organisations in Europe and the Global South. While religion has been fundamental in structuring peacebuilding, humanitarianism, and development, it is often overlooked in the predominantly secular frames that shape public policy. Religion is therefore an important issue, one that remains both under-theorised within the social sciences and humanities, and un(der)addressed in policy and practice.

This research cluster aims to deepen our knowledge of the role of religion in conflict and violence, as well as in human security, peacebuilding and development. It engages with the role of non-secularist, -militarist and -state actors in security, thus problematizing the hegemony of neorealism in international relations and in the formulation of development policy. It aims to rethink human security and development, as well as human rights, democracy and citizenship from a   plurality of voices, perspectives and world views. It examines the possibilities through which these cultural, religious and spiritual ways of being might have a place in theory and practice, as well as how the intervention both state and non-state actors can be most beneficial for people across different contexts.

Please contact the cluster conveners for more information.

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