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About us Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies Research Interdisciplinary cooperation

GIS members

Core Researchers


Domain of research Focus of research
Drs. Erdoğan Aykaç International Relations
  • Turkish political elites
  • Turkey/EU relations
  • The Kurdish Question
Prof. Wout Jac. van Bekkum Middle East Studies
  • Mediaeval Hebrew Poetry
  • Andalusia and the Islamic East
  • Judaeo-Arabic language and poetry
Dr. Marjo Buitelaar Contemporary Islam: anthropology
  • Islam and daily life
  • Muslims in diaspora
  • Life story research
Drs. Marije Coster Qur’an and Early Islam
  • The representation of Jews and Christians in the Qur’an
  • Pre- and early Islamic Arabic poetry
Drs. Annette Hanson Late Antique and Islamic Archaeology/Archaeobotany
  • The Levant:
    • Agricultural economy
    • Diet
    • Environment
Drs. Eelko Hooijmaaijers History of the Modern Middle East
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey
Drs. Iis Istiqomah Contemporary Islam: Anthropology
  • Hadrami Arabs of Ambon
  • Ethnicity and Religion
  • Indonesia
Dr. Lidewijde de Jong Antique and Islamic Archeology
  • Reconstruction of ancient imperialism from the perspective of local communities (currently: funerary practices in the Roman province of Syria)
Dr.Chris Lamont International politics
  • Transitional Justice
  • Egypt and Tunisia: International Criminal Justice
Dr. Tilman Lanz Migration and Diaspora Studies
  • Muslims in Europe
  • Diasporic Practices of Islam
  • Religion and Group Identity Formation
Prof. Fred Leemhuis Classical and contemporary Islam
  • Dakhla oasis (Egypt)
Dr. Pieter Nanninga Contemporary Islam and Middle Eastern studies
  • Jihadism, violence and martyrdom videos
Drs. Kiki Santing Contemporary Islam: religion and politics
  • Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (1971-2011)
Dr. Clare Wilde Formative Islam and the History of Christian-Muslim Relations
  • Qur’ān and early tafsīr
  • Reception of the Qur’ān
  • Christian texts (Arabic, Latin, Syriac)

Associated Researchers

Name Domain of research Focus of research
Dr. Dorina Buda Cultural Geographies of Travel and Tourism
  • Bilad al-Sham (Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel)
Prof. Gerard van Gelder Classical Arabic Literature
  • Current project: editorial/translating team for Ibn Abi Usaybi‘a’s Literary History of Medicine
Hadje Cresencio Sadje Religion, Post-Colonial Theories and International Relations
  • History of Israel/Palestine Conflict
  • History of Islam in South East Asia
  • Interfaith Dialogue (Christian&Muslim)
Drs. Bram van der Zwan Islamic Religion, Semitic languages
  • Arabic language
  • Islam
  • Middle Eastern Studies

Researchers with Related Interests

Name Domain of research Focus of research
Drs. Anna Arian International Security; Theories of International Relations; Identity, Religion and Politics; The Middle East; Great Power Politics
  • Iranian Alignment Policies towards Great Powers from a Historical Perspective
Drs. Fatima Ballah Contemporary Islam: anthropology
  • Riffian Women’s Narrative Claims to Full Citizenship
Drs. Anand Blank Contemporary Islam: religious dogma
  • Virtues in the Islamic religion as viewed by Dutch imams
Drs. Brenda Bartelink Religion and Development
  • Sustainable finance
Dr.Vivienne Matthies-Boon Middle Eastern Studies, Critical Theory, Global Justice
  • Middle East (Egypt/Palestinian territories)
  • alternative development
  • social justice in Islam and Islamic political thought
  • political economy and Islam
Prof. Jeanne Mifsud Bonnici Law
  • European Technology Law and Human Rights
Dr. Sjoerd Jeroen Moenandar Literature and sociology
  • Policies and strategies regarding the representation of Muslims and Islam in Dutch literature (1990-2005)
Dr. Ronit Nikolsky Cultural voices, Late Antique cultures, Culture and Cognition
  • Midrash
  • Culture and Cognition
Drs. Simon Polinder Religion and international relations
  • The role of religion in theories of International Relations
Drs. Femke Stock Contemporary Islam: anthropology
  • Making a home: Identity and belonging for second-generation Turkish and Moroccan migrants
Dr. Johan Weststeijn Classical Islam
  • Dreams of Rulers in Tabari's 'History of Prophets and Kings'
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