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12-03-'12 | Ancient World Seminar | April DeConick| Network Criticism: An Embodied Historical Approach to Understanding Gnosticism in the Ancient New Age

Wanneer:ma 12-03-2012 16:15 - 17:30
Waar:room 130, Faculty of Theoloy and Religious Studies
Professor April D. DeConick is the Isla Carroll and Percy E. Turner Professor of Biblical Studies  at Rice University, Houston.  She is one of the world's leading researchers of early Jewish and Christian thought, particularly well-known for her work on traditions that have been forgotten or marginalised over time but nonetheless still carry great influence in religion and popular culture today. She has  published widely on early Gnosticism, esotericism, mysticism and on mysogyny in the early church. Professor DeConick is particularly well-known for her many publications on the Gospel of Thomas and for her study The Thirteenth Apostle (2007), on the Gospel of Judas. She has a well-read blog, called The Forbidden Gospels.

Recently Professor DeConick has coined a new approach to the construction of history, which she terms Network Criticism. In her paper for the Ancient World Seminar she will present this innovative approach by relating it to the study of Gnosticism.
Poster design: Marleen Termeer
Poster design: Marleen Termeer