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News & Events Archive

News & Events Archive

2014 Past News & Events
16 June Ancient World Seminar: Ylva Klaasen & Liesbeth Claes (Nijmegen), 'Emperors and Ancestors: the Creation of an Imperial Image'
19 May Ancient World Seminar: Joanne van der Woude (Groningen), 'American Aeneids: Antique Precedent in Early America'
14 April Ancient World Seminar: Marijn Vandenberghe (Ghent/Groningen), 'Power struggle and social protest in Jerusalem (first century A.D.): spatiality, patterns, groups and interests'
17 March Ancient World Seminar: Peter van Nuffelen (Ghent), 'Break or Continuity? Historiography in Late Antiquity'
17 Feb Ancient World Seminar: Joanita Vroom (Leiden), 'Most Exciting Times: What Happened in the Eastern Mediterranean After Antiquity?'
13-14 Feb CRASIS Annual Meeting 2014 with Prof Marietta Horster: Cultural Knowledge in the Ancient World
20 Jan Ancient World Seminar: Steve Mason (Aberdeen), 'Ancient Social-Political Categories and the Christian Invention of "Judaism"

2013 Past News & Events
26 Nov

Inaugural Lecture Prof.dr. Sofia Voutsaki

14 Oct

Dead Sea Scrolls Meeting Groningen-Leuven-Helsinki-Göttingen

20 Sept Civic Honours Workshop
4 Sept

Presentation of First Florentino García Martínez Research Master Scholarship and Mladen Popovic on Religion and Culture of the Dead Sea Scrolls

3 Sept

Onno van Nijf on the ancient roots of match-fixing

28-30 August

Past and Present in Hellenistic Poetry

9 July Opening Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition, Drents Museum Assen
4 July PhD ceremony Karin Neutel
4 July Ancient World Seminar:John Barclay (Durham). 'Gifts that Circulate and Gifts that Surprise: Early Christian Gifts in the Context of Graeco-Roman Benefactions'
Grant news NWO decided to award Dr Christina Williamson with a 2 year Rubicon grant to continue her research at the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World at Brown University.
18 June Albert I Baumgarten on 'Eclecticism as a Method'
17 June Ancient World Seminar: Wout van Bekkum (University of Groningen), 'Polemics and Politics in Poetry: Elazar ha-Kiliri on the Destruction of the Jerusalem Temple'

23 May        

Ancient World Seminar: Richard Alston (Royal Holloway, University of London), 'Talking about a Revolution: Politics and Economics in the Fall of the Republic'

PhD position

The Graduate School for the Humanities offers one position to MA graduates in Archaeology to develop a PhD project on mortuary archaeology in the Roman provinces. See

PhD position The Faculty of Arts invites applications for one PhD position (AIO) in the NWO-FWO research project "Finding the Present in the Distant Past: The Cultural Meaning of Antiquarianism in Late Antiquity (4-7th c. AD)" in collaboration with the Department of History of Ghent University (Belgium).
Grant news

Qumran Instituut start beurs en fellowship. Ubbo Emmius Fonds bestuurslid Jan Overmeer stelt voor tenminste vijf jaar 1.000 euro per jaar beschikbaar aan het Qumran Instituut (directeur: prof.dr. Mladen Popovic) voor een studiebeurs voor veelbelovende studenten. Gedacht wordt aan de instelling van een Research Master Scholarship die studenten in staat moet stellen om hun Research Master te halen binnen de disciplines van het Instituut, de vakgebieden: Oude Testament, vroege Jodendom en de Dode Zeerollen. De studiebeurs zal voor het eerst in 2013 worden uitgereikt.

Oud-bestuurslid Dirk Smilde stelt een bijdrage van 4 x 15.000 euro aan het Qumran Instituut beschikbaar om hiermee de Dirk Smilde Fellowship in te stellen. Deze fellowship zal eveneens voor het eerst in 2013 worden uitgereikt.

15 April Ancient World Seminar: Rianne Voogd (Protestant Theological University), 'Is a Kiss just a Kiss? The Pauline Kiss among other Kisses'
18 March       Ancient World Seminar: Stephan Mols (Radboud University), 'Mapping the Via Appia'
18 February Ancient World Seminar: Diederik Burgersdijk (Radboud University), 'Two Panegyrics on Constantine at the Milvian Bridge'

21-22 January

CRASIS Annual Meeting: Cultural Encounters in the Ancient Mediterranean. Kenote: Prof M.D. Goodman (Oxford).
New publicatio Two new books by researchers affiiated with CRASIS recently appeared with Brill: Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta, together with former Groningen post-doc Israel Munoz Gallarte published the proceedings of the 2010 meeting of the International Plutarch Society in Plutarch in the Religious and Philosophical Discourse of Late Antiquity. Jacques van Ruiten, recently appointed Professor of the Reception History of the Bible, discusses representations of Abraham in Abraham in the Book of Jubilees.
Grant success Jan Willem Drijvers received funding from NWO and FWO for a large joint project with Peter van Nuffelen (Ghent). The title of the project is 'Finding the present in the distant past: The cultural meaning of antiquarianism in Late Antiquity'.
2012 Past News & Events
18 December Ubbo Emmius kerstlezing: Fik Meijer. 20.00-22.30, Senaatszaal (Academiegebouw)
17 December Ancient World Seminar: Sander Orriens (Groningen)
14 December GIA onderzoeksdag 2012
Publication Annette Harder, Callimachus' Aetia: Introduction, Text and Translation (Oxford: OUP, 2012) in 2 volumes.
22 November PhD Defense Geert de Breucker: De Babyloniaca van Berossos van Babylon. Inleiding, editie en commentaar; 14.30, Academiegebouw
22 November PhD Defense Stefan Elevelt:  Subsistence and Social Stratification in Northern Ionic Calabria from the Middle Bronze Age until the Early Iron Age; 12.45 Academiegebouw
19 November Ancient World Seminar: Lidewijde de Jong, 'Romans, Parthians, and Palmyrenes: A View from the Tombs'
18 October Ancient World Seminar: Iain Gardner, 'The Dublin Kephalaia Project: New Light on Mani, Manichaean Origins and Inter-Religious Competition in Early Sasanian Iran'
15 October Ancient World Seminar: Yanick Maes (Ghent/Groningen), 'Vergil’s Underworld as Text World in Donatus’ Interpretationes Virgilianae'
29 September Lector intende, laetaberis: Maaike Zimmerman's Oxford tekst van Apuleius' Metamorphosen. Harmoniegebouw, Weberfoyer, 12.00-18.00. Lezingen van Ruurd Nauta, Stephen Harrison, Lara Nicolini, Maaike Zimmerman en Wytse Keulen. Opgave voor eind aug bij wytsekeulen
17 September Ancient World Seminar: Bart Wagemakers, 'The Story of a Dutch Travel Account and Picture Archive: Valuable Records for the Archaeology of the Levant'
13 September

PhD defense Dafni Penna, Faculty of Law: The Byzantine Imperial Acts to Venice, Pisa and Genoa, 10th - 12th Centuries. A Comparative Legal Study. Promotors: B.H. Stolte and J.H. Lokin

16.15, Academy building

In the news PhD student Archaeology Tamara Dijkstra wins GUF-100 award 2012!
9 June                         NKV Groningen organiseert: klassieke stadswandeling door Groningen. Voor meer informatie: groningen / 050-5424562
4 June PhD Defense: Christina Williamson
29 May CMRS-congres 2012 met lezing Olivier Hekster: 'Hero to zero (en weer terug): Nero als held en schurk'
29 May Jaarlijkse Mediterrane Wereld Lezing 2012: dr. Jan Paul Crielaard (VU Amsterdam), ´Een zee van duisternis. De Mediterranee en de Mediterrane wereld in het tijdperk van Wenamun, Mopsos en de held van Lefkandi (1200-700 v.Chr.). 19-21 uur, Academiegebouw - Offerhauszaal. Respondent: Christina Williamson. Info: c.g.williamson
In the news NRC Handelsblad 26 mei: Sofia Voutsaki on Mycenaean palaces and consequences of the economic crisis 'Woonde hier de koning van Sparta?'
21 May Ancient World Seminar: Eva Mol & Maaike Leemreize
26 April PhD Defense: Chris Dickenson
16 April Ancient World Seminar: Karin B. Neutel (Groningen)
22 March

Scholierendubbelcollege: Wie is de vijand? Oorlog en burgeroorlog in het Romeinse Rijk

- Marco van der Schuur - Het zwaard in de ingewanden:Lucanus over Rome in burgeroorlog

- Mladen Popovic - In vrijheid sterven of slaven van Rome zijn: Opstand in Judaea in de eerste eeuw

Organisatie: RUG Scholierenacademie en Alfasteunpunt; Datum: donderdag 22 maart, 14.00-16.30 uur. Plaats: wordt later bekend gemaakt via website RUG Scholierenacademie

21 March

dr. Dan Machiela (McMaster, Canada), ´Renewing the Past in the Persian and Hellenistic Periods: The Message of the Aramaic Dead Scrolls´
Department of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Origins,  Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. All welcome to attend this event in room 130, 15.30-17.00.

15 March NKV Groningen organiseert: lezing dr. Jan de Jong: 'Kuisheid in spagaat. Uitbeeldingen van Lucretia in de 15e en 16e eeuw'. 19.30, Praedinius gymnasium - Dependance Kruitlaan 1. Voor meer informatie:
12 March Ancient World Seminar: Professor April D. DeConick (Rice University, Houston TX)
Job opportunities 3 PhD positions Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies.
20 February Ancient World Seminar: dr. Christoph Pieper
10 February Masterclass Greg Woolf. Topic: Cultures of Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean
9 February CRASIS Annual Lecture 2012: Greg Woolf (St.Andrews), The Origins of Religious Pluralism in the Roman World and Beyond
9 & 10 February      

CRASIS Annual Meeting 2012: Cultures of Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean


1 Febr

NWO grant for study of Paul in his ancient philosophical context and his reception in modern philosophy: 'vrije competitie' Groningen (G.H. van Kooten ) and Nijmegen (B.H. Vedder, hoofdaanvrager)
20 Jan                           OIKOS Latinistendag 2012
12 Jan NKV Groningen organiseert: dr. Patrick Gouw (Leiden), Sporthelden uit de Romeinse keizertijd. Roem en eer op de Olympische spelen en in het Circus Maximus. Locatie: Praedinius Gymnasium; 19.30. Voor meer informatie: groningen / 050-5424562. Bijdrage niet-leden 2 euro (studenten/scholieren gratis).


News & Events
News! Groningen Qumran Institute and Drents Museum bring Dead Sea Scrolls to Assen!
19 December Ancient World Seminar: Evert van Emde Boas
28 November Ancient World Seminar: Margreet Steiner
New project Paul and the ancient philosophers: George van Kooten editor of new series Brill's Ancient Philosophical Commentary on the Pauline Writings
18 November

Impact of Empire Work in Progress meeting

Impact of Empire-lezing: Prof. Josef Wiesehöfer (Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel ), The East Roman-Sasanian Wars of the Early 7th Century and their Impact on Syrian and Palestinian Societies

Plaats: Zaal A 8 (Academiegebouw)
Tijd: 16.15 uur

17 October

Ancient World Seminar: Gerard Boter (VU)
7 October TMA symposium 'Architectuur als bron in de Archeologie'  
19 September Ancient World Seminar: Jeremy Punt (Stellenbosch / Muenster)
27-28 June Symposium: The Seven Against Thebes: from Aeschylus to Statius. Westfaelische Wilhelms Universitaet Muenster - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
23 June CMRS lezing dr. M.J. Versluys: Vreemde vogels in de spiegel: over de toe-eigening van de Ander
9 June PhD Defense Marlies Schipperheijn: 'Gewoner dan gedacht. De hellenistische heerserscultus van Antiochus I van Commagene
26 April De Mediterrane Wereld Lezing 2011: Prof David Abulafia (Cambridge) 'How to Write the History of the Mediterranean'; 18:00 Heymanszaal, Academiegebouw
13 April Dr Lidewijde de Jong (Univ. of Chapel Hill, North Carolina) on Roman Syria; 12.15 in Rm 1312.0025, Harmonie Building
1 March Sofia Voutsaki appointed Professor of Greek Archaeology

9-12 February

Second Humanities U4 Winter School in Rome (Groningen, Ghent, Göttingen, Uppsala). Theme: Myth, Memory and Mimesis
14 January

Lezingenmiddag en feestelijke presentatie themanummer Tijdschrift voor Mediterrane Archeologie: Archeologie en de Romeinse economie.

New publication: Martin Goodman, George van Kooten & Jacques van Ruiten (eds), Abraham, the Nations, and the Hagarites. Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Perspectives on Kinship with Abraham. TBN 13 (Leiden: Brill, 2010). More information
2010 News & Events
5 November Studiedag OIKOS research group  'Hellenistic and Roman Literature' (Oude Boteringestraat 23)
New publication: Mladen Popović (ed.), Authoritative Scriptures in Ancient Judaism. JSJSup (Leiden: Brill, 2010). More information
21-22 October

Symposium Qumran Institute: The Jewish War against Rome

8-11 September Themes in Biblical Narrative Conference
8 September Prof.dr. H.G. Hubbelingprijs naar Birgit van der Lans
21-22 June

Research Colloquium: Jewish Discourses on the Imitation of God

12 May First of four sessions on Early Christian Esoteric and Gnostic Gospels
30 April Israel Muñoz Gallarte in the news. He presented his latest book in Cuenca Cathedral: a complete catalogue of sixteenth century manuscripts of classical Greek works preserved in the library of the Seminario Conciliar de San Julián.
28 April Romeinse keizers en het christendom: Scholieren-dubbelcollege Geurt Henk van Kooten en Jan Willem Drijvers
28 April Studiedag 'Geen mannen, geen vrouwen. Gender en christendom in de Romeinse Wereld'
23 March Mladen Popovic on the Dead Sea Scrolls in Trouw
19 March OIKOS Text in Context-dag: Callimachus' Aetia. Plaats: Harmonie, Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat 26, Groningen. > meer informatie
17 March Sociological Perspectives on Identification and Role Models | Prof. Dr. Hans G. Kippenberg
3-4 March First International Workshop on the Cognitive Study of Religious Texts
29 January Afscheidscollege prof.dr. Jan Bremmer Symposium LIFE STORIES IN THE ANCIENT WORLD
28 January Lezing in de reeks Spraakmakende Boeken: Lucretius' De natuur van de dingen.
14 January Studieavond Rede en Religie in de Oudheid: Origenes als testcase van het debat tussen Christendom, Antieke Filosofie en Gnosis
Date 2009 News & Events
20 November Mladen Popović receives NWO Veni for his project ‘Qumran and the War against Rome’.
> Read more
7 October Flitsscheiding van jood en christen
17 September Promotie Marius Heemstra
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