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15-02-'10 | Ancient World Seminar | Sarah Willemsen
Een veranderend grafritueel te Crustumerium (Rome). Verarming of verschuiving?
21-05-2010 | SPECIAL SESSION CRASIS Ancient World Seminar
Timothy Moore, Ancient auloi in Eelde and Elsewhere
15-03-'10 | Ancient World Seminar | Matthias Henze
Why Should We Read the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha? The Case of the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch
19-04-'10 | Ancient World Seminar | Jürgen Zangenberg
Peace from the Ashes: The Year 70 from a Roman Perspective
17-05-'10 | Ancient World Seminar | Christina Williamson
Rational rituals in landscapes of power. The use of sanctuaries by rulers to transform space in Karia (Zeus at Labraunda) and Pergamon (Meter Theon at Mamurt Kale)| Ancient World Seminar
The Gospel of Judas: from Villain to Hero? The Text, its Context and its Message | dr. F.L. Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta
Death and Despair: On aponoia in Plutarch's and Appian's Depiction of Spartacus' Death | Lydia Langerwerf
'Imperial Ideology in Early Christian Thought' | Karla Pollmann (St. Andrews)
The Diversity of Apologetics - from Genre to a Mode of Thought' | Anders Klostergaard Petersen (Aarhus)
The Christianization of the Late Roman City - Problems and Perspectives | Johannes Hahn (Münster)
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