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About us Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies Research Departments Comparative Study of Religion

Staff and PhD

Comparative Study of Religion


J.K. Muthert
dr. J.K. (Hanneke) Muthert

Assistant professor Master of Spiritual Care


B.E. Bartelink
dr. B.E. (Brenda) Bartelink

Postdoc Religion, secularity, health

P. Berger
dr. P. (Peter) Berger

Associate Professor of Indian Religions and the Anthropology of Religion

M.W. Buitelaar
prof. dr. M.W. (Marjo) Buitelaar

Professor of Contemporary Islam and Methodology of Qualitative Social-Science Research

K.E. Knibbe
dr. K.E. (Kim) Knibbe

Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology of Religion

Dr. Julia Martínez-Ariño
Assistant Professor of Sociology of Religion
B.M.H.P. Mathijssen
dr. B.M.H.P. (Brenda) Mathijssen

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Culture, and Religion

C.K.M. von Stuckrad
prof. dr. C.K.M. (Kocku) von Stuckrad

Professor of Religious Studies

dr. J. (Joram) Tarusarira

Assistant Professor Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding, Director of the Centre for Religion, Conflict and Globalization

S. Travagnin
dr. S. (Stefania) Travagnin

Assistant Professor of Religion in Asia

dr. S.J. (Sipco) Vellenga
dr. S.J. Vellenga

Associate Professor in Sociology of Religion

A. Visser-Nieraeth
dr. A. (Anja) Visser-Nieraeth

Assistant Professor

T.H. Zock
prof. dr. T.H. (Hetty) Zock

Professor by special appointment in Religion and Mental Health, in particular the domain of Spiritual Care


K. Al-Ajarma
Fardo Eringa
F. Eringa (MA)


Li Gang
Li. G. (Gang) (MA)


I. Istiqomah
Stefan Mekiffer
Elizabeth Mudzimu
Katharina Müller
Ada Ruis
drs. A. (Ada) Ruis


Saara Toukolehto
Jelle Wiering
Lisa Zuefle
L.S. (Lisa) Züfle (MA)


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