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Staff and PhD

Christianity and the History of Ideas


T.H. Weir
Prof. T.H. (Todd) Weir, PhD

Professor in Christianity and Modern Culture


G. Andrejc
G. (Gorazd) AndrejĨ, PhD

Assistant Professor Philosophy of Religion

H.S. Benjamins
Prof. dr. H. S. (Rick) Benjamins

Professor (endowed chair: VVP) of Liberal Theology: Development and Influence from the 19th Century till Today.

M. van Dijk
dr. M. (Mathilde) van Dijk

Lecturer in History of Christianity and Genderstudies

Dr. A. Irving
Dr. A. (Andrew) Irving,

Assistant Professor of Religion and Heritage

C. Jedan
Prof. dr. C. (Christoph) Jedan

Professor of Comparative Philosophy of Religion and Ethics

M. McIvor
dr. M. (Méadhbh) McIvor

Assistant Professor in Religion, Law and Human Rights

A.L. Molendijk
Prof. dr. A.L. (Arie) Molendijk

Professor of the History of Christianity; Professor of the Philosophy of Religion

H.J. Paul
Prof. dr. H.J. (Herman) Paul

Professor (endowed chair: IZB/GZB) of Secularisation Studies

E. van 't Slot
Prof dr. E. (Edward) van 't Slot

Bijzonder Hoogleraar namens de Confessionele Vereniging in de PKN, op het terrein van de Systematische Theologie en Kerk in de 21e Eeuw.

E.K. Wilson

dr. E.K. (Erin) Wilson

Associate Professor of Religion and Politics, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies


I. Busschers
M. Hofman
S. Hupkes
S. (Sanne) Hupkes, MA

Phd Student

A. Muller
L.F.A. Nunes
F. Pietrogrande
M.G. Oviedo Salazar

M.G. (Mauricio) Oviedo Salazar, MA

PhD Student

J.A. Van der Schoot
J.A. (Joas) van der Schoot, MA

PhD Student

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