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The partners of the Network for Religious Heritage are hosting an exciting series of workshops aimed at allowing students and members of the public from across the Netherlands to learn more about heritage.

In these workshops, academics and heritage professionals team up to offer hands-on investigations of key topics in the field of religious heritage: from the repurposing of church buildings to expositions about religious cultural themes, and from archives to education about religious festivals. The workshops take place at various locations in the Netherlands and take participants to village churches, museums, and synagogues.


The workshops are aimed at students (hbo and academic) from various disciplines: art history, theology, religious studies, museum studies, architecture and interior design. The workshops are also open to people who work in the field of religious heritage as curators, policy makers, theologians, architects, etc..

Participant numbers will be limited to the coronavirus regulations, so please register in advance!

17 September - Digital Kick-off meeting Network Religious Heritage

Varied programme of an hour with presentations of workshop leaders, short films and interviews with experts in the field.

Time: 12:00-13:00
Language: Dutch and English
Registration via the registration form

22 September - New (religious) use of an old village church

Workshop on location in Jorwert (Friesland) on the dynamics between heritage and religion: about dechurching, repurposing, quality of life and new forms of church. A programme with lectures, discussions, lunch and a walk to the cloister Westerhûs.

Location: Radboudkerk Jorwert
Time: 10:00-16:00
Fee for non-students: €15,-
Maximum participants: 40
Language: Dutch
Registration via the registration form

6 October - The future of heritage education: interactive and in dialogue

Let’s stop by the “School-Church” in Garmerwolde. On location you learn about the civic education and dialogue in a multicultural society. You discuss and investigate how themes like religious heritage and traditions are being lived, experienced, discussed and taught in this new educational place.

  • Inge Basteleur - Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken
  • Todd Weir - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Location: Schoolchurch Garmerwolde
Time: 12:00-15:30
Fee for non-students: €15,-
Maximum 15 participants
Language: Dutch
Registration via the registration form

24 November - Migrant churches and church buildings

Orthodox, Eastern-Catholics, migrant parishes and expat communities: more and more Dutch church buildings host religious communities with foreign roots, or have the opportunity to do so. This brings along other languages and cultures, other ways of celebrating and of community building.

Is your current line of work or study program related to this subject, and do you come across a knowledge gap? We kindly invite you to bring your question to our workshop! At the workshop we assess the demand for knowledge on the subject of ‘religious heritage and international diversity’ in order to develop purposeful follow-up activities. The main focus is on church interiors and on Christian communities.

Katholiek Documentatiecentrum (KDC) en Instituut voor Oosters Christendom (IvOC)
Contactpersoon: Anneloes van Kuijk, projectleider Internationale Diversiteit KDC

Fee for non-students: Free of charge
Maximum participants:
Language: Dutch and English
Registration: j.vankuijk

17 December - Curating Religious Heritage: Perspectives on Mary Magdalene

In the first half of 2021, the Museum Catharijneconvent will host an exhibition all about Mary Magdalene. In this extraordinary exhibition, you will be introduced to the rich, paradoxal and constantly developing views surrounding this mysterious Biblical figure. This exhibition will also be the focus of this workshop, during which the central question will be how a museum curator handles religious objects. How does a museum show the religious meanings and context of these objects? What did the objects mean to their creators and their users, and what do they mean to us today? Is the diversity of an object or topic taken into account, and in the case of Mary Magdalen, is gender taken into account?

During this workshop, the participants will analyse the views on and the heritage of Mary Magdalen. The participants will be challenged to think about museal context and practices, like the curating of museum rooms and the writing of object texts.

If there is sufficient interest in this workshop, there will also be a field trip to the exhibition in 2021 to compare the findings and ideas of the participants to those used in the museum itself.

  • Mathilde van Dijk - Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
  • Lieke Wijnia - Museum Catharijneconvent

Location: The workshop can be followed physically or online. If you go for physical, please report at Oude Boteringestraat 18, 030 and 038.
Time: 10.00-14.30
Fee for non-students: €15,-
Maximum 15 participants
Language: English and Dutch
Registration via the registration form

28 January - Fieldlab Religious objects in a museum context

Registration closed: max number of participants reached

Often, religious objects in museal contexts are presented as an aesthetic or cultural-historic object. However, there is also a physical and emotional dimension to these objects and the way they are experienced. This fieldlab focuses on these physical and emotional experiences, and explores ways of showcasing these aspects of religious objects in a museal context.

The starting point of this exploration will be objects from the collection of the Jewish Cultural Quarter. Employees of the JCQ will give an introduction about the social history and the meaning of objects in Jewish communities, and students of the Reinwardt Academy will tell us more about their own research into the musealization of religious objects. Participants will then be invited to discuss, brainstorm and think about the physical and emotional aspects of religious objects, after which their findings and ideas will be presented to the group.

  • Paul Ariese and Hester Dibbits (Reinwardt Academy Heritage Lab)
  • Emile Schrijver, (Joods Cultureel Kwartier)
  • in collaboration with Hayo Wagenaar (IJsfontein)

Location: Reinwardt Academie en Joods Cultureel Kwartier
Fee for non-students: €15,-
Maximum participants 15
Language: Dutch
Registration: rwa-heritagelab

More information

If you have any question, you can contact the Centre for Religion and Heritage (crh

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