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Colloquium on Asian Religions

Colloquium on Asian Religions

Religion is of crucial significance in all spheres of life, be it politics, the media, education, or any of the innumerable other domains of Asian society. This has been the case for the last three millennia, as evidenced by a vast literary tradition. While ideas and practices have constantly transformed and adapted to new situations, there is evidence of a striking continuity.

The Colloquium on Asian Religions represents the regular seminar of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Culture in Asia, and aims to present new findings in the study of religion and culture in areas like South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia. It is a forum for discussing the conceptualization of religion in Asia as well as aspects of Asian religions from the perspectives of anthropology, history, sociology, political science and other disciplines.

In line with the objectives of the collaborative project of the Department of the Comparative Study of Religion “Religion on the Ground: Practices and Discourses in Social Transformation”, the Colloquium provides a meeting point of scholars, students and interested public to discuss discursive identities and social functions of religion in Asia, past and present. The tension between individual religiosities and community rituals, the interplay of religious institutions and politics, the reality of religions as active players in the process of globalization as well as the effects of that process on traditional modalities of faith, the relation between online and offline communities in the religious mediascape: these are some of the subjects that the Colloquium aims to explore.

Within this theoretical and thematic framework, the Colloquium will present interdisciplinary studies of religious traditions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shinto, Confucianism, Daoism, Christianity, Islam and indigenous local communities.

In addition to the curriculum of the Faculty, the Colloquium will offer students the opportunity to learn about new research in Asian religions and to engage with international scholars. The Colloquium will also serve as a forum for Faculty members to present their research to a broader audience.

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(followed by a ‘borrel’ in a nearby pub)

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