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About the institute

The research conducted by the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies is organized by the Centre for Religious Studies (CRS).

The CRS covers a broad and varied field of research, ranging from the study of classic world religions to research into religious developments and normative and ethical questions in today’s multicultural society.

Regardless of which period or question is the topic of research and from which perspective(s) it is approached, the CRS always studies religion in relation to cultural and social developments.


Our academic staff covers a variety of fields and comprises theologians, religious studies specialists, historians, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists. They organize the teaching in the Research Master and the PhD programme offered by the Graduate School of Theology and Religious Studies .


The CRS has three research departments, each focusing on their own long-term research programmes. A number of research themes and areas have been allocated to a number of institutes and interdisciplinary partnerships.

Faculty-wide research colloquium

The Faculty aims to make optimum use of its entire body of knowledge. In the long-term Faculty research colloquium, all research fields work together on one theme. The current theme is the question how the Divine functions as a role model for man in different religious traditions.


According to the 2018 research visitation report, the CRS’s research is characterized by its flexibility and its ability to react to international developments and open up new avenues. This report evaluated the quality, productivity, relevance and vitality of the research as ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’.


The CRS issues advice to the Faculty Board, inter alia, on the selection and appointment of postdocs and PhD students and the organization of seminars and conferences.


Prof. dr. Mladen Popović


dr. Peter Berger     
dr. Kim Knibbe (Director Graduate School)
Prof. dr. Jacques van Ruiten
Prof. dr. Todd Weir
Gemma Hayes, MA (adv. PhDs)


Mrs Willeke C. van de Pol
Telephone:   +31 (0)50 363 5591

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