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Annual Meeting 2014: Cultural Knowledge in the Ancient World - Production, Circulation and Validation

When:Fr 14-02-2014 10:00 - 18:00
Where:Courtroom / Zittingzaal of the Faculty of Theology & Religious Studies, Oude Boteringestraat 38, Groningen

Annual Meeting 13 & 14 February 2014: Cultural Knowledge in the Ancient World - Production, Circulation and Validation

Poster design: Marleen Termeer
Poster design: Marleen Termeer

This Annual Meeting focuses on cultural knowledge: the packages of knowledge (skills, competences, and information) that are needed to operate competently within in a particular community (group, cult, school, city, ethnos, empire ...). We adopt a broad understanding of ancient cultural knowledge that includes social, legal, technical, religious, and philosophical forms of knowing. Ancient historians examine the transmission of knowledge across networks; archaeologists study the development and tradition of technical skills in material production, and technological transfer; religious knowledge is analysed from cognitive perspectives, while there is also a new emphasis on the role of the body and the senses in experiencing and generating knowledge. We aim to bring these angles and approaches together and develop new ones that help us understand the production, circulation, and validation of cultural knowledge in the ancient world.

Keynote speaker & Master

Professor Marietta Horster (Johannes Gutenberg-Universit´┐Żt Mainz)

Prof. Dr. Marietta Horster
Prof. Dr. Marietta Horster

The Annual Meeting takes place on February 14, 10.00-18.00: in the Courtroom / Zittingzaal of the Faculty of Theology & Religious Studies, Oude Boteringestraat 38, Groningen.

We ask a small contribution of 5 euro for attendance; including lunch: 15 euro; including (buffet) dinner: 45 euro.

Please register before 1 February with Tamara Dijkstra (t.m.dijkstra indicating that you wish to attend and if you wish lunch and/or dinner. The fee can be paid in cash on the 14th.

The Annual Lecture starts at 16.30, also in the Courtroom. Registration is not necessary and attendance is free. Drinks will be served afterwards!


Coffee and tea




Thorsten Fögen (Durham University), 'Graecia capta: Greek Cultural Knowledge and its Reception and Transformation in the Roman World'


Coffee and tea


Jacqueline Klooster (University of Amsterdam/Ghent University), 'Poetry and Apophthegms in the Traditions of the Seven Sages: Practical Wisdom Versus Contemplative Philosophy?'


Jacques van Ruiten (University of Groningen), 'Rewriting Texts: Strategies of Producing, Circulating and Validating Authoritative Scriptures in Early Judaism'


Lunch break


Justin Walsh (Chapman University, California), ''Say My Reputation Precedes Me Like a Pedigree': Material Culture, Status, and Darwinian Wasteful Advertising'


Egbert Koops (University of Groningen), 'Redde rationem: Holding Slaves to Account in Imperial Rome'




Thomas Blank (Saarland University Saarbrücken), 'Exclusive to Whom? Some Thoughts on Esoteric Wisdom in Classical Athens'


Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta (University of Groningen), 'Knowledge's Silent Stream: Esotericism and mysticism from the Presocratics to the Gnostics'



16.30 - 18.00

CRASIS Annual Lecture 2014 by Prof.Dr. Marietta Horster (Gutenberg University Mainz): 'Beyond Philosophy? The Notion of Wisdom and Theosophy in the Second Sophistic'

For the programme of the CRASIS Masterclass on 13 February, see the Masterclass calendar event or the programme details in PDF