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The partners of the Network for Religious Heritage are hosting an exciting series of workshops aimed at allowing students and members of the public from across the Netherlands to learn more about heritage.

In these workshops, academics and heritage professionals team up to offer hands-on investigations of key topics in the field of religious heritage: from the repurposing of church buildings to expositions about religious cultural themes, and from archives to education about religious festivals. The workshops take place at various locations in the Netherlands and take participants to village churches, museums, and synagogues.


The workshops are aimed at students (hbo and academic) from various disciplines: art history, theology, religious studies, museum studies, architecture and interior design. The workshops are also open to people who work in the field of religious heritage as curators, policy makers, theologians, architects, etc..

Participant numbers will be limited to the coronavirus regulations, so please register in advance!

28 September - Meaning-making in village churches

Join us for this workshop in Den Andel that will explore how heritage activists today are making use of medieval churches to create new meanings. We want to investigate the creative work undertaken with church congregations, village communities and artists in the North of the Netherlands.

We will start off in the church in Den Andel, where Jolanda Tuma will tell us about her work with the Dorpskerkenbeweging. Her work began with her Kerk in het Dorp initiative, meant to reinvigorate village churches. Then we will move to the studio of sculptor Anjet van Linge. Together with Jolanda and others, she organised Monnikenwerk (Monks’ Work) for the fourth time this year. With Monnikenwerk, artists use medieval churches as their studio for six consecutive Wednesdays, exploring the space of the church and the possibility of connecting with something greater than us. This year, Monnikenwerk took place in fourteen churches in Groningen and Friesland. An impression of this year’s work can be found on

This workshop will take place in conjunction with the course of Prof. Todd Weir "Regional Heritage: Old Churches, New Meanings" in the MA track Religion and Cultural Heritage. The workshop is sponsored by the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed.

Location: Den Andel
Costs for non-students: €15
Register via this form

13 October - Heritage and schools: (inter)religious literacy in the next generation

In this workshop we will explore the connections between heritage, education and diversity. How important is religious literacy for the future of heritage in Groningen? How does heritage play a role in religious education? What is it like to teach about these themes in a diverse classroom? We will explore these questions, with the exhibition Feest! In Oost en West (Holidays in East and West) as an example. This interactive exhibition is shown in the bell tower of the School Church in Garmerwolde, and shows eight religious (Christian and Muslim) holidays in a modern way, using contemporary imagery and combining ancient and new architecture.

The workshop starts in Groningen, at the ‘office church’ of the Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken. After an introduction and informal lunch, we will cycle to Garmerwolde for a visit to the School Church.

The workshop will be led by Inge Basteleur, Project Leader Education at the Stichting Oude Groninger Kerken. As project leader, she is responsible for all things connected to education, such as development of teaching materials and programs for all ages, and organizing events. The workshop is sponsored by the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed.

Location: Groningen & Gramerwolde
Time: 12.30-15.30
Costs for non-students: €15
Register via this form

More workshops to follow

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