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General conditions

Radiocarbon dating and stable isotopes by the Centre for Isotope Research (CIO)

The prices are under the condition that in case any of the analysis results will be used for (scientific) publications of any kind:

  1. The "Centrum voor Isotopen Onderzoek, Groningen University" will be properly acknowledged as the source of the analyses' results.
  2. A copy of the publication, preferably a reprint, will be sent to the CIO for documentation purposes.
  3. In appropriate cases co-authorship of CIO staff members is seriously considered, where "appropriate" means e.g.
  • the CIO analyses play a crucial role in the publication, or
  • the CIO analyses were not standard, or
  • CIO staff members have been active as consultant.


Remaining sample material is archived for at least 10 years (provided this is useful, given the sample material).

Last modified:11 April 2017 5.09 p.m.