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Controlling biofilm formation on surfaces

Prof. dr. H.C. van der Mei April 28-29 Biofilm symposium, Harvard, Cambridge, USA

Specific and non-specific contributions to bacterial interaction forces

Prof. dr. H.C. van der Mei 6-10 April 2008 American Chemical Society ACS 2008, New Orleans

Biofilm formation of Enterococcus faecalis

Dr. B. Krom 01-04-2008 Nederlandse Vereniging voor Microbiologie, Papendal


Current treatment methods of scoliosis Prof. G.J. Verkerke 29-09-2007 Biomet Orthopedics symposium
Mechanical strength and stiffness of biodegradable and titanium osteofixation systems Prof. G.J. Verkerke 14-06-2 007 Second Applied Biomechanics congress ‘ Medicine meets Engineering ’, Regensburg
Eureka project ‘Newvoice’ Prof. G.J. Verkerke 9-6-2007

EGFL-Congress, Rome

Oral biofilm models Prof. Dr. Ir. H.J. Busscher 09-06-2007



Intermolecular forces and enthalpies in bacterial adhesion Prof. Dr. Ir. H.J. Busscher




Lecture at SUNY, Buffalo NY, USA
Lecture at University of Guelph, Canada
Controlling biofilm formation on surfaces Prof. dr. H.C. van der Mei 02/06-07-2006 Australian Society for Microbiology, 2-6 July, 2006, Goldcoast, Australia
Infections of implants- Adhesion of bacteria and the role of local antibiotics in prevention and therapy Prof. Dr. Ir. H.J. Busscher 08-04-2006 International symposium on Local Antibiotics in Arthroplasty, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Functional coatings for infection control of biomedical devices -current status and perspectives Prof. Dr. Ir. H.J. Busscher 31-01-2006

Bond voor Materialen, Best, The Netherlands

The Future is Bright . . .

Dr. R. Kuijer 27-01-2006 Sportsymposium, UMCG (Wenckebach). The Netherlands
Medical Product Development Prof. G.J. Verkerke 28-10-2005 Fifth Belgian Day on Biomedical Engineering, Brussels
BRI in orthopaedics II-Pin tract infection Prof. dr. H.C. van der Mei 10-11-2005 Biofilm Research Center, Gotheborg, Sweden

The Atomic Force Microscope in Microbial Adhesion to Surfaces: A Tool or Just Another Toy?

Prof. dr. H.C. van der Mei 17-10-2005 Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy in Microbial Biology, Oslo, Norway
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