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Research BioMedical Engineering The 7th Thesinge biofilm meeting
University Medical Center Groningen

The 7th Thesinge biofilm meeting

Small things: promoting or preventing a big problem?

When?     October 1-2, 2018

Where?   Thesinge, a picturesque rural village,

9 km north of the city of Groningen, The Netherlands

Small things:promoting or preventing a big problem?

During the 7th Thesinge Biofilm meeting, all aspects of mechanisms of biofilm formation, their prevention and materials aspects will be discussed from a multidisciplinary perspective without any boundaries. The theme this year therefore centers around the question of how such small things, like microbes, can create such a big problem since the development of mankind, and whether even smaller, nanoscopic things can really help us to control them and prevent biomaterial-associated infection. In short: is nanotechnology really useful for biofilm control?