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Research Biografie Instituut

The field of research of the Institute of Biography

For a long time it was assumed that research into journalism began and ended with research into political culture, by which was meant that the content of the newspaper was strongly influenced by the links between politics and journalism.   We have gradually discovered that for centuries, the written press not only has links with politics but also with literature and literary institutions. The biographical method would be able to throw more light on this matter. Biographies of people like Frans Goedhart and G.J. van Heuven Goedhart, as well as Klaas Voskuil, H.P.L. Wiessing, S.F. van Oss, Jan Campert or G.A. van Oorschot and Rob van Gennep can be situated within Dutch cultural history. Biographies of these culture bearers provide the opportunity to sketch not only the person but also the cultural-historical times in which they lived.
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