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Research Bernoulli Institute Geometry and its Applications

Groups and people

Several groups at the BI conduct research within the area Geometry and its Applications:

Researchers active in this area:
  • Prof. Henk Broer, Parametrized KAM Theory, resonance, modelling
  • Dr. Christian Hirsch, Topological data analysis
  • Dr. Arthemy Kiselev, Mathematical physics
  • Dr. Jiri Kosinka, Geometric modelling, computer graphics
  • Dr. Hildeberto Jardon Kojakhmetov, Applied Mathematics, Multi-Timescale Dynamical Systems, Singular Perturbations, Mathematical Modeling
  • Dr. Oliver Lorscheid: algebraic geometry, arithmetic geometry, F1-geometry and its applications to tropical geometry and matroids
  • Dr. Steffen Muller, arithmetic geometry, number theory
  • Prof. Tobias Muller, Combinatorics and probability theory
  • Prof. Juan Peypouquet, Variational analysis, convex analysis, mathematical optimization, continuous optimization.
  • Prof. Daniel Rodrigues Valesin, Probability Theory; Interacting Particle Systems
  • Prof. Cecilia Salgado: arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry, number theory
  • Dr. Marcello Seri, Spectral theory; ergodic theory; sub-Riemannian geometry; geometric numerical methods
  • Dr. Alef Sterk, Bifurcation theory, numerical exploration, applications to climate models, analysis in infinite-dimensional spaces, in particular related with (partial) differential equations
  • Dr. Roland van der Veen, Knot theory, low-dimensional topology, representation theory, geometry and physics
  • Prof. Gert Vegter, Computational geometry
  • Prof. Jaap Top, Number theory, algebraic geometry
  • Prof. Holger Waalkens, Hamiltonian systems, semiclassical quantum mechanics
  • Dr. Alden Waters, Systems, control and applied analysis

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