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Research Bernoulli Institute Research

Retrieval and recognition of historical handwritten manuscripts

Key words: Machine learning, pattern recognition
Themes: e-science, e-humanities

Short description:

We have created methods for accessing historical archive collections which are difficult to process by traditional OCR methods, for example due to their historical character types or due to the fact that the material is handwritten. The system consists of two major components: (1) a setup for the storage and web-based annotation of scanned page images and parts thereof; (2) a set of (handwriting and text) recognition algorithms as well as retrieval and search methods.

Group leader: Prof.dr. Lambert Schomaker
Participating researchers: 7
Research Institute: Bernoulli Institute
Faculty: Faculty of Science and Engineering
Graduate school: Graduate School of Science and Engineering (GSSE)
Collaboration: Research School of Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN), Kapteyn Institute, ClopiNet, Prime Vision, Polytechnique Montreal

Links: Search and Annotation tools for handwritten manuscripts

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