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Autonomous Perceptive Systems Group


  • April 2015, we obtained an H2020 grant, with a consortium of 3 industrial and 3 research partners. The Lakhsmi project aims to develop new bio-inspired flow sensing technology which will be used for hydrodynamic imaging and lateral line perception.
  • March 2015, we obtained, together with Dominique Stutzmann the NWO project HIMANIS, HIstorical MANuscript Indexing for user-controlled Search in order to test our methods for word retrieval on the French royal chancery (14th-15th c.), tackling new problems in image processing, word segmentation and allographic variation
  • January 2015, we obtained an ECSEL/H2020 grant, as a member of a consortium of 47 industrial and research partners, concerning big data, machine learning and preventive maintenance in (robotic) manufacturing lines: project Mantis
  • Target - a mass-storage + high-performance e-Science project, implementing our findings in historical (handwritten) manuscript retrieval in multiple collections
  • January 2014, an international NWO/Digging into Data project was granted titled "Global Currents" in which Stanford University and McGill University participate. The application domain is e-Humanities and our contribution to the project is the induction of semantics from visual patterns, shapes and their occurrence on historical (handwritten) documents, using pattern recognition and machine learning.
  • In 2012, we started a project in the computer-based dating of mediaeval handwritten manuscripts, in a Dutch NWO project "MPS - The Mediaeval Paleographic Scale", together with paleographer prof. dr. Jan Burgers from the Huygensinstituut, The Hague. We will use models and methods collected in the area of writer identification.

Current PhD projects:


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