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Archive news / events

Daydreams in a computer model02 October 2017
PhD ceremony: B. (Burcu) Arslan: A computational cognitive modeling approach to the development of second-order theory of mind18 April 2017
PhD ceremony S. (Sheng) He: Beyond OCR: Handwritten manuscript attribute understanding15 March 2017
Artificial Intelligence awarded as 'Top Rated Programme' according to the latest edition of the Higher Education Guide for Master's degree programmes02 March 2017
Robots: Gotta love 'em15 February 2017
Why are computers not intelligent (yet)? - Niels Taatgen - TEDxUniversityofGroningen29 November 2016
PhD ceremony B. (Bea) Valkenier: Vowel processing in cluttered auditory scences25 November 2016
Robots as problem-solvers in production lines12 October 2016
PhD ceremony M.F. (Faik) Karaaba: Face recognition in low-resolution images under small sample conditions with face-part detection and alignment30 September 2016
PhD ceremony: O. (Olarik) Surinta: Multi-script handwritten character recognition. Using feature descriptors and machine learning23 September 2016
Amir & Nao gone viral!17 August 2016
An app to regulate digital distractions30 June 2016
PhD Ceremony I. (Ioanna) Katidioti: Understanding and managing interruptions, How to avoid watching cat videos all day long24 June 2016
Faculty Spotlight Dr. Bart Verheij:Arguments for Understanding our Complex World14 March 2016
PhD ceremony M. (Menno) Nijboer: Concurrent multitasking, from neural activity to human cognition04 March 2016
Niels Taatgen elected Lecturer of the Year28 January 2016