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University Medical Center Groningen

UMCG Open Access Publication of the Week

Every week one of the UMCG Research Institutes selects an UMCG Open Access Publication of the Week.

In Week 8, Research Insitute Brain and Cognition selected:

OAPubl of the week

Virtual Reality Relaxation for Patients With a Psychiatric Disorder: Crossover Randomized Controlled Trial

Virtual reality (VR) relaxation is a promising mental health intervention that may be an effective tool for stress reduction but has hardly been tested in clinical trials with psychiatric patients. We developed an easy-to-use VR self-management relaxation tool (VRelax) with immersive 360° nature videos and interactive animated elements.

Veling W, Lestestuiver B, Jongma M, Hoenders HJR, van Driel C
J Med Internet Res 2021;23(1):e17233

Last modified:25 February 2021 08.46 a.m.