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Polar Ecosystems

Ocean Ecosystems

This 5 ETCS course is organised by Ocean Ecosystems and is giving:

  1. Knowledge and Insight. After the course the student has acquired a good basic knowledge on the driving forces for polar productivity, diversity and ecosystem functioning and how this is affected by climate change and other human impacts and can reproduce this.
  2. Analysis and Interpretation: After the course the student can give a presentation on the reading material, in which she/he can review, summarize, interpret and discuss scientific papers with fellow students and lecturers.
  3. Application of acquired knowledge: During the examination and presentation the student must be able to apply the acquired knowledge to a high level of integration. For example, the student must be able to argue how climate change might impact marine benthic communities in subregions of the high Arctic, by combining knowledge across disciplines (climatology, sea ice dynamics, associated organisms and productivity). It is the main goal of the present course to offer a multidisciplinary approach allowing for such integrations.

The course can be integrated with 5 ETCS Sustainability of People in the Polar Regions

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