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Research Arctic Centre Education Master Courses University of Groningen

Governance and Security in the Arctic

10 ECTS master course of International Relations

The research seminar focuses on security and governance in the Arctic. It is divided into five thematic sessions: sovereignty, resources, military security, human development, and environment.
In each session the theme will be introduced by student presentations, and then analyzed with theoretical and conceptual tools from security studies and governance research.
In the five thematic sessions, issues will be dealt with from a circumpolar perspective. The arctic policies of single states and non-state actors will be analyzed in a written assignment for which the student chooses one actor. In a brief negotiation game in which an Arctic Council (SAO) preparatory session is simulated, the student then plays this actor.
For the research paper to be handed in at the end of the course, each student will conduct a theory-driven investigation into, or a detailed empirical analysis of an Arctic security or governance issue. The papers will be discussed in a research paper workshop before Christmas.
Having completed the seminar successfully, the students will know (a) Arctic security and governance challenges; (b) governance structures relevant to these challenges; (c) arctic actors’ major policies, and (d) analytical tools from security studies and governance research. The students will have learned to fruitfully apply these tools with two goals in mind: to help meeting practical challenges in the Arctic and to better understand security and governance in general.

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