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Successful PhD defence associated Arctic Centre researcher

30 April 2020

Roza Laptander, an associate researcher from the Arctic Centre, has succesfully defended her PhD thesis, When we got reindeer, we moved to live to the tundra: The Spoken and Silenced History of the Yamal Nenets.

Roza Laptander´s dissertation is based on the stories of the Nenets reindeer herders from the Yamal peninsula, Western Siberia. It shows that spoken stories and interviews concerning big changes on the tundra reflect a general mechanism of making Nenets official historical narratives. Through analysing silence in the example of the Yamal Nenets people stories, Laptander studied the role of silence and silencing offering a new approach to understanding how small indigenous societies keep memories and stories about their past.

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Roza laptander (right) doing fieldwork in Nenet
Roza laptander (right) doing fieldwork in Nenet
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