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Typological aspects of Inuit Sign Language: focus on semantics and verb agreement

Lecture Joke Schuit

Within the field of sign language research, sign language typology is a comparably young research topic. A typological classification of urban and village sign languages, i.e. a classification based on the sociolinguistic setting of sign languages, was established only in the last decade. This distinction partly overlaps with the presence or absence of certain grammatical characteristics. From the documentation and description of Inuit Sign Language (IUR), it is already clear that IUR does not neatly fit into the existing typological classification, neither sociolinguistically nor grammatically. IUR has characteristics of both urban and village sign languages. In this presentation, I will give a brief overview of the development of sign language typology, and then turn to IUR and its sociolinguistic setting. I will focus on the semantic fields of colour and kinship, and on the grammatical aspect of verb agreement. These will be cross-linguistically compared, and illustrated by video clips from IUR.

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