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Ocean Grazer project

The APE group currently leads the Ocean Grazer project and is responsible for the design, optimization and deployment of a novel energy platform aiming to harvest wave and other energy from the oceans. We perform research to develop a pumping system for this new platform with focus on the tribology, dynamics and vibrations and mechanical design, including material and coating selection. The Ocean Grazer project is a rapidly expanding project with many opportunities for research within APE.

For more information, visit the Ocean Grazer website

Project manager

Drs W.A. Prins

Research staff

Dr Antonis Vakis
Prof Bayu Jayawardhana
Prof Yutao Pei
Prof Gert-Jan Euverink
Dr E.J. Stamhuis
Dr A.J. Bosch
Dr A.A. Geertsema

Lab Technicians

Ing Martin Stokroos
Ir Sietse Achterop

Ocean Grazer group
Ocean Grazer group
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