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OnderzoekEuropean Ageing Brain Network

European Ageing Brain Network

Ageing is posing an increasing burden on European societies. Currently, treatment of age-related diseases already costs our society large amounts of money and efforts and, with an ageing population, will require substantial reorganization of our health care budgets and infrastructure of hospitals and nursing homes. Particularly, neurodegenerative diseases resulting in dementia and motor disability will need our attention, as they require exorbitant amounts of care. Future brain research should aim at development of novel drugs, advanced diagnostics, adequate clinical care and technology in order to deal with this societal challenge.

In order to accomplish this, a new generation of (clinical) neuroscientists is needed, that will develop novel effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, novel strategies for clinical treatment and management of elderly care and development of novel technology to support the daily care of elderly afflicted by dementia and motor disability. Therefore, research within the European Ageing Brain Network is focused on the early hallmarks and diagnosis of normal and abnormal brain ageing.