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Politics is the activity through which people make, preserve and amend the general rules under which they live. As such, politics is involved in decision-making on a variety of levels of analysis. In the international realm decision-making is of concern for international organizations and increasingly involves non-state actors as well, determining the future of international politics and law in a manifold manner, e.g. nuclear proliferation, international peace and security.

The European Union can nowadays be considered the most streamlined regional organization with regard to decision-making raising questions such as the role of interest groups and the public sphere vis-à-vis states. On a national level, lobbying groups, political parties and NGOs in general influence national decision-making. Pertaining to all these levels, questions about trust and legitimacy of decisions remain under scrutiny, currently maybe most prominently with regard to European governance.

Within the Department of Legal Theory the Political Science Section is dedicated to the department’s research line of 'public trust and public law'. Within this research line the Political Science Section focusses on multi-level decision making from a variety of angles such as political participation, the distribution of power, politics and ethics of law, political psychology etc.

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