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Groningen University International Law Department blog

The GUILD-blog aims to question relentlessly salient issues in international law.

Maternity leave: in the best interest of children, their mothers, and society at large
When:18 May 2015

An extension of the current maternity leave up to 24 weeks after childbirth would be desirable in the Netherlands (as well as in the EU), which would bring maternity leave in line with WHO’s guideline of exclusive breastfeeding for six months. This position is supported if one were to balance the three main related interests, namely that of the children, mothers and society.

Can terrorist acts be considered war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide (with particular reference to the case of Nigeria)?
When:10 March 2015

This post is a re-production of an answer given in the context of the “Second Exchange Hub: Navigating principled humanitarian action and compliance with counter-terrorism laws and policies”, organised by the International Association of Professionals in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection (PHAP).

The Relationship between China’s Protocol of Accession and the GATT 1994: China – Rare Earths and the Incorporation Theory ― Off with its Head! (Part 2)
When:19 August 2014

In the first part of this contribution, the incorporation theory adopted by the AB in China – Raw Materials and the panel in China – Rare Earths was explored and found to be incoherent in view of the widely varying language used in China’s Protocol of Accession (Protocol).This part continues by critically assessing this integration theory and its rejection by the panel in its report on China – Rare Earths. The most apposite of China’s claims and the panel’s responses thereto are explored. Two main aspects are addressed: (1) the meaning of ‘WTO Agreement’ and (2) the Protocol as an ‘integral part’ of the WTO Agreement.

Human Rights in Essential Public Service Provision: Governing Access for All
When:25 March 2014
This blog entry describes the discussions during the first seminar of the seminar series Human Rights in Essential Public Service Provision. This seminar series is organised by the Groningen Centre for Law and Governance together with the Groningen International School of Law, and explores the role of human rights law in regulating adequate provision of essential public services from a ‘law and governance’ perspective.
Some Methodological Flaws in Addressing Immunity: Jones v UK
When:27 February 2014

The recent Jones v. UK judgment of the European Court of Human Rights raises a number of important issues, one of which is its rejection of the need of lifting immunity in case of State officials. This blog entry focuses on this aspect and addresses the methodological flaws in the Court’s argumentation.

Arctic Sunrise / Sunset: ‘Fiddling’ with Jurisdictional Issues (Part I)
When:20 January 2014

ITLOS correctly held that it had prima facie jurisdiction and that the Russian declaration was not applicable in the Arctic Sunrise case.

The Inaugural Blog: ‘For Infinity’
When:15 January 2014

The Department of Public International Law is happy to announce the launch of the GUILD-blog, the Groningen University International Law Department blog to question relentlessly salient issues in international law.