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Event – The Access to Medicine Crisis: Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Date:05 June 2015
Author:GHLG Blog
On the 15th of June, SIB and IFMSA will organize an evening on the access to medicine crisis in developing countries and the ways the pharmaceutical industry is changing to cope with this problem.

Third event GHLG: Health and human rights on the ground

Date:04 May 2015
Author:GHLG Blog
How do you actually apply the right to health on the ground? The Danish Institute for Human Rights is developing the AAAQ Toolbox – an innovative assessment tool that offers practical guidance for state, business and civil society actors.

The Ebola crisis: challenges for Global Health Law

Date:03 February 2015
Author:GHLG Blog
The recent Ebola crisis has caused approximately 11.000 deaths so far. Compared to other global health crises, including the deaths caused by armed conflicts and chronic diseases, this is still a small amount. Yet, from a global and domestic health law and governance perspective, this crisis raises a number of vital questions and challenges, which were also addressed during a recent SHARES debate organised by the University of Amsterdam.