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Study period abroad (exchange)


If you are interested in a study period abroad within your programme, you can contact the Faculty’s International Office Law. General information can be found on the webpage. The International Office organises an information session in November for students interested in going abroad as part of their studies.

Registration / Deadline

The deadline for registration depends on your destination. You can find more information on the website. It might still be possible to have a spot assigned to you after the deadline. If you are interested, please contact the International Office.

Which courses

LLB students
The study period abroad in the LLB programme International and European Law is scheduled for the first semester of year 3. LLB students are allowed to take any law course which is not part of the LLB programme and some non-law courses which are related to the programme (e.g. criminology, international relations, political Science, etc.). Please be aware that at least 25 ECTS out of the 30 ECTS should be law credits. The characterisation of the courses is at the discretion of the Board of Examiners.

LLM students
It is also possible for LLM students to go abroad. This will usually be on top of their programme in Groningen, as an extracurricular addition to the LLM programme. This will lead to a study delay in most cases. Optional courses can be taken abroad, as long as they are within the scope of the programme in question. Other extra-curricular courses can be accepted as long as they are law courses.

Please be aware: the Board of Examiners does not accept any language courses as part of the law degree. Language courses can therefore be taken, but can only appear as extra-curricular courses on the degree certificate.

More information about courses can be found on the website.

Approval of courses

All courses need to be approved by the Board of Examiners. This can be done by filling in the correct online form:

Approval form courses abroad LLB students

Approval form courses abroad LLM students

Approval form courses abroad students of Dutch-taught programmes

Registration of results

Results obtained will be registered in Progress as separate courses, provided that the courses are approved by the Board of Examiners. .


More information about scholarships can be found on the website.


Last update 18-7-2018

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