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Checklist Marco Polo students

After being nominated for an exchange period at one of our partner universities outside Europe you will receive an information booklet with information that you will need in order to prepare for your study period abroad, as well as important documents for administrative purposes and your grant. Please pay close attention to the checklist in order to make sure that you submit all required documents for the Marco Polo grant.

Preparation before your departure

  • Keep a close eye on the deadline of registration with your host university; the host university will inform you about this after nomination by the International Office;
  • Ask the relevant embassy about the residence permit procedures in the host country well before you leave Groningen;
  • Ask your host university about the rules regarding a work-permit if you have plans to work during your exchange;
  • Attend the mandatory information session, the International Office will inform you about the date and time.

Before your departure

Submit the following documents to the International Office:

  • Marco Polo Agreement
  • Approval for your courses from the Board of Examiners of the Faculty of Law
  • Learning Agreement

NOTE! - All this has to be done before your departure. If you do not hand in these documents the Faculty can decide to retract your nomination with the host university AND to retract your grant.

When all forms and documents have been handed in and you have notified us when you will be leaving, the International Office will ask the Financial Department to transfer the first part of the grant to your bank account.

During your stay abroad

  • Provide us with your contact details
  • When you would like to make changes to your initial choice of courses, make sure you ask permission to change the courses from the Board of Examiners
  • ALSO hand the proof of the BoE with the International Office
  • Ask the host university to sign your Statement of Host form
  • Ask the host university to send your transcript of records to our International Office directly
  • Do not forget to register for courses and exams in Groningen

When you return

After your exchange period ends you should submit the following documents (signed) within 2 weeks to the International Office, exchange section:

  • A written report of your experiences - this report must be in English. Email the digital version to the International Office (the latter may be used – with the student’s permission – on IESE). This report will be used as information for future students
  • Study Report Form
  • Statement of No Objection
  • Statement of Host
  • Please make sure that your host university sends the International Office your transcript of records as soon as possible

When all forms and documents have been handed in and the International office has received the transcript of records, the International Office will request the Financial Department to transfer the remaining part of the grant to your account.

NOTE! - All this has to be done as soon as you return. I f you do not hand in these documents in time you will have to pay back the entire grant , plus the Faculty we will not be able to transfer your grades, this could mean no graduation for some of you.

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