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Career prospects

(Image: Some graduates seek career opportunities in Dutch cities where many international companies have offices, such as Rotterdam)

The International Business Law programme is designed to equip its graduates for a legal career within internationally operating enterprises, law firms, and/or governmental and intergovernmental institutions. For example, opportunities for employment exist in major cities where many international companies have offices or headquarters. One such area in the Netherlands is the "Randstad", which is a conurbation of the four largest Dutch cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht). Groningen, as well, has regional offices for several international operating entities. Of course, when seeking employment within the Netherlands, it is always helpful to have a knowledge of the Dutch language and students who wish to continue their post-degree career here are encouraged to partake in Dutch language courses, although this is not obligatory.

Below you will see a distribution of the different arenas where past students are currently working. And here you can read about the career paths of our Faculty international graduates, for example a graduate of this programme who works as an in-house Paralegal.

Further, all students have access to the university Careers Services Law which can help them in finding and preparing for internships and employment.

(Survey data from 201 IBL LLM graduates)
(Survey data from 201 IBL LLM graduates)
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