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European Human Rights Law (6 ECTS)

Lecturers: Prof. Dr L.W. Gormley, Prof. Dr D. Kochenov, Prof. Dr G.P. Mifsud Bonnici (coordinator), Dr J. Morijn

When: Block 4

Brief course description: This course reflects on the core values upon which the Union is founded, that is, “respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights....” (Treaty on European Union, Article 2). During the course we will examine how these core values, and fundamental rights protection in particular, have evolved in the European Union and their role in redressing ‘excessive’ market developments. The course is built on three strands:

  • An examination of the scope of fundamental rights protection within the European Union;
  • An examination of the institutional development and functioning of the Council of Europe system of fundamental rights protection, in particular the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), and the European Union system of human rights protection, in particular the European Court of Justice;
  • An examination of a selection of rights and fundamental freedoms covered in the European Convention of Human Rights and the EU Fundamental Rights Charter – including the rights to enjoyment of private life, data protection, citizenship, freedom of expression, non-discrimination and right to effective remedy and fair trial. In selecting which rights to be covered, attention to recent case-law and market developments are kept in mind.

Teaching method: This course is taught by way of lectures, in-class discussions and guest lectures.

Assessment: Essay exam.

*Official course information and schedules during the academic year can be found in Ocasys.

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