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Energy Contracting (6 ECTS)

Lecturer s: Guest lecturer(s), Dr. R.C. Fleming (coordinator)

When: Block 4

Brief course description: The course on energy contracting aims at familiarizing the students with some of the contracts and contract strategies used in the energy sector. The focus is particularly on the gas sector and the contracts represent different stages in the gas supply sector: (i) exploration and production, (ii) supply, and (iii) trading. During the course the students will analyze three types of energy contracts, each representing a specific part of the energy chain. The first contract is used in the upstream oil and gas sector and involves a joint venture contract or joint operating agreement (JOA), i.e. a contract between the companies holding an exploration and production license. The students will be presented and get familiar with some JOAs from different jurisdictions around the North Sea basin. Specific attention will be given to the role of government in relation to these JOAs. Thereafter a gas supply contract will be discussed. This is a contract between a producer and supplier and/or a supplier and a (major consumer). The third contract to be discussed is standard agreement drafted by the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) and is a standard contract which is used to facilitate energy trading in a liberalized energy market.
These energy contracts will be presented and discussed in detail by specialists from the energy/gas sector, each of them having in-depth knowledge of these contracts. Thereafter the students will be required to actively participate by way of drafting or commenting on or more of these contracts and present their results in class. The course is based on a combination of lectures and interactive classes and aims at developing problem-solving competence as well as a theoretical understanding of the subject. The course is set up as a workshop, which means that the students will be required to actively engage in drafting, assessing and presenting different types of energy contracts.

Teaching method: Lectures and presentation of assignments involving (some of) the contracts discussed.

Assessment: Written exam. A prerequisite for participating in the exam is that all assignments have been submitted during the course.

*Prerequisites: Only students who have attended the class on Energy Law and Policy and/or Energy Market Law can attend this course.

*Official course information and schedules during the academic year can be found in Ocasys.

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