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Company Law (6 ECTS)

Lecturers: Dr E.E.G. Gepken-Jager, Dr J.N. Schutte-Veenstra (coordinator)

When: Block 1

Brief course description: The aim of this module is to gain a thorough knowledge of and insight into key topics of company law. This aim will be achieved through the study of European company law and by comparing company laws of EU member states. The course starts with a lecture on the freedom of establishment of companies within the EU, which has been the trigger for an extensive programme to harmonize the company laws of member states. This programme deals with key topics such as: representation of the company vis-a-vis third parties, creditor protection, takeover bids and corporate restructuring and mobility, all of which will be discussed in class. Participants will learn that to some extent this harmonization programme has led to similar laws in member states; however considerable differences in national company law remain. The comparative approach taken in this part of the course will help participants in their future careers to analyse and understand foreign corporate structures. The course also deals with a topic that has not been the subject of harmonization, but that is of great importance in corporate practice: groups of companies. Participants will compare how some member states regulate groups and they will look at perspectives for regulation of groups at EU-level. Finally, this course deals with truly European corporate forms, such as the Societas Europaea.

Teaching method: Lectures and in-class discussions.

Assessment: Essay exam.

*Official course information and schedules during the academic year can be found in Ocasys.

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