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Public International Law (10 ECTS)

Lecturers: Prof. Dr M.M.T.A. Brus (coordinator), Dr A.J.J. de Hoogh

When: Year 2, Block 2

Brief course description: This general module on public international law is intended to provide students with extended knowledge and understanding of general concepts, issues and certain areas of public international law. In working groups students will focus on the practical application of this knowledge and understanding in complex situations. They will learn to distinguish the legally relevant aspects of cases and situations and to argue positions on the basis of international law. In this module the main doctrines of public international law are discussed in lectures in which positive law and its historical background forms the basis for a discussion of the contribution of international law to the resolution of international conflicts and to managing (new) international challenges of an economic, ecological or humanitarian nature. In the working groups concrete situations will be addressed and students will be expected to discuss and argue the legally relevant aspects. Topics that will be discussed include sources, subjects, jurisdiction, immunities, state responsibility, peaceful dispute settlement and some substantive areas, such as the use of force in international relations.

*Official course information and schedules during the academic year can be found in Ocasys.

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