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Law and Legal Skills: the Dutch example (10 ECTS)

Lecturers: M. Vols, LLM, Dr L.D. van Kleef-Ruigrok

When: Year 1, Block 1

Brief course description: The goal of this course is to get insight into the workings of a legal system by means of looking at the Dutch system of law. In light of the Dutch example, the course discusses the nature of law, sources of law, the legislative and executive power and the administration of justice. Furthermore, the purpose is to introduce students to the main aspects of the various areas of law in order to prepare them for subsequent courses which deal with the specialized fields of law. An integrated part of this course concerns the skills necessary to analyse legal issues in any area of law. The goal is to introduce students to legal methods and to the interpretation of legal resources such as an Act of Parliament and case law. Students should be able to define legal issues and apply legal rules, logic and legal reasoning in order to solve these legal issues. The set-up of the course ‘Law and Legal skills: the Dutch example’ is twofold. The first part of the course provides introductions to the specialized fields of law using Dutch law as an example: Constitutional law, Administrative Law, Criminal law, International and European law and Private law. Within these fields of law, both substantive as well as procedural law will be discussed. The second part of this course deals with academic legal skills useable in any area of law. This part focusses on legal analysis through identifying and extracting rules from statutes and court decisions, understanding how those rules are structured, and learning how to apply those rules to a specific factual situation. In both parts of the course inspiration will be drawn from foreign legal concepts as much as possible.

Part of the Law and Legal Skills: the Dutch example is the module IT for Lawyers:

Law and Legal Skills: IT for Lawyers

Lecturer: Prof. Dr G.P. Mifsud-Bonnici

Brief course description: This part of the Legal Skills module has three main aims. Firstly it aims to introduce students to different digital resources they will need to access during their period of study and later in law practice. The second aim is to provide the necessary skills to decipher citations and in turn to reference their work appropriately. Thirdly to reinforce skills needed to present written work in a clear manner. This part of the Legal Skills module introduces important online legal resource tools needed when studying European and International law. Both publicly accessible tools (such as EUR-lex, United Nations Treaty collection etc.) and those available through the RUG Law Library portal (such as Westlaw and Caselex etc.) are used. Tools (e.g. word processing packages) for presenting one’s work in a clear manner are also discussed in these sessions. Each workgroup session is meant to be interactive with students and lecturer discussing and examining the features of the online resources being used in that session, when and where they may be used and how to cite resources accessed. A number of tasks are assigned per session to practice skills learnt and/or reinforce skills gained in previous sessions.

*Official course information and schedules during the academic year can be found in Ocasys.

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